Aussie Viclas

Building a community of Viclas down under

How it all started…

Paul and John met at their local mechanics while getting work done and quickly realised they have a lot in common including the love for everything Viclas.

From then after many kilometers on the bikes and few Jack & Cokes they were sitting in the man cave and said let’s create an Instagram page to show case Viclas in Australia. We had not seen many at the shows or on cruises but knew there had to be more out there in Melbourne and across the country.

So work began with the goal to grow the Vicla community in Australia and show the country and the world what we can create down under. Instagram and car/bike shows was the main focus with connecting with as many people as thye could to spread the word.

Late 2019 we decided to put it out there and have the first Aussie Viclas cruise calling out to all Vicla style bikes to come together for a cruise and feed down the Mornington Peninsula.

The date was set for January 11th 2020 and to be honest we were a little concerned it would be a flop as the weather was not looking great with a high of 16 degrees and potential showers. We thought if we can get 6 to 10 bikes that would be a success. The 11th came and we were off to our meeting point at Wallstreet Kustoms in Braeside and when we arrived to our surprise there was already 4 bikes waiting.

As time went on they kept rolling in and when it was time for stands up we had around 30 bikes including 2 guys that rode 400 km in the rain the day before and one bad ass Chevy Lowride.Then we were off and what a site it was with people everywhere stopping and pulling out their phones for videos and pics.

From there it has grown to a merchandise range for Australia and overseas. We never thought that from starting an Instagram page we would have been part of growing the Vicla community in Australia. There are so many amazing people in our community and they are the backbone of Aussie Viclas.


Fast forward to 2023…

It is year 3 of our annual “Vicla Nationals” – The Largest LowRider Motorcycle show in the southern hemisphere and we have already outgrown our original home so along with a change of venue Steve Morrissey came onboard first as a committee member assisting in the planning and running of the annual show

Ultimately the fit was great so in early 2024 we made it official. As a co-owner Steve is heading our online store responsible for shipping all AV merch.

Steve brings a lifetime of motorcycle riding experience, he shares our passion for all things custom & Vicla and for the Aussies Viclas Nationals his experience running large scale projects will ensure we go from strength to strength.

The Aussie Viclas Team

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